Samodzielny Zakład Entomolgii Stosowanej SGGW

Professor Marinus van de Vrie

We were deeply saddened to hear about the prof. Marinus van de Vrie death. Professor van de Vrie cooperated with our Applied Entomology Department, at Warsaw University of Life Sciences for very long time (since 1964).

He had a great knowledge of pest management and was eager to share that knowledge with us. We evaluate him as great authority. He made it possible for us to pursue scholarships at universities and research stations in the Netherlands: initially at Research Station for Fruit Growing in Wilhelminadorp (Danuta Kropczyńska, Jan Boczek) and later at Research Station for Floriculture in Aalsmeer, at the Universities: in Amsterdam and Wageningen (Wojciech Goszczyński, Elżbieta Cichocka, Danuta Kropczyńska, Anna Tomczyk, Małgorzata Kiełkiewicz and Barbara Czajkowska). He organized also contacts of researchers from our department with the scientists in the Netherlands by presenting the results of their research at several seminars. He visited our department several times, attended seminars and discussions. Professor van de Vrie's death is a great loss for us.